Preparing for an Interview for a Consultant or Specialist Registrar Role

Welcome to the PfizerPro Podcast Series.

Our first series focuses on preparing for a Specialist Registrar or Consultant interview. Pfizer Healthcare Ireland partnered with the Communications Clinic to produce this series which gives step by step advice on how to prepare yourself in advance of interview. There are three episodes in this series followed by an e-learning video. Each episode is approximately 20 minutes long and covers different topics including; interview structure, putting your best foot forward, preparing for competency questions, and stress management.

This podcast series is presented by Louise Duffy who is an experienced radio and television broadcaster and voiceover. Louise will be joined throughout the series by expert training consultants and guest panellists who will share their insights on the interview process, what to expect from the interview process and how to best prepare yourself for the interview process

We hope you enjoy the series and wish you the best of luck with your interview.


Episode One: How to prepare for your upcoming interview

This episode gives an overview of how you should prepare for each aspect of your interview. It will include segments on how to start with impact, how to deal with common awkward questions, how to discuss your research, your audit experience and your career history, how to frame your future plans and the importance of verbal preparation.



Episode Two: How to structure your answers

The second episode is a deep dive on how to structure answers to specific questions, with a particular focus on competency questions. 



Episode Three: What does the panel expect and self-care around interview time

In this episode, Louise is joined by guest speaker Dr. Edmond Smyth, Consultant Microbiologist, Beaumont Hospital who will give you the perspective of the interview panel and explores their questioning style and what they need to see from candidates. Also featuring in this episode is Dr Yvonne Barnes-Holmes, Psychologist with Perspectives Ireland who will give pointers and advice on self-care and stress management around interviews.



E-Learning Video

Building on the key principles explored in the podcast, this video will guide you through a step by step process to prepare for your interview. This video includes live recordings of sample interviews.


PP-GIP-IRL-0288 I February 2021