Powerful clinical efficacy across patient groups


In 1st line with letrozole
In an updated non-prespecified PFS analysis of PALOMA-2, 1st line IBRANCE® + letrozole demonstrated PFS improvements vs placebo + letrozole in patients with bone-only disease*†2

  • In PALOMA-2, 23.2% of patients treated with IBRANCE® + letrozole had bone-only disease2

Small patient numbers can be a limitation of subgroup analyses. These analyses are not intended to demonstrate efficacy in particular subgroups.

Adapted from Rugo H, et al. 2019.2
Data cut-off date: May 31, 2017.

In the same PFS analysis:
30.4 months mPFS with IBRANCE + letrozole vs 16.5 months with placebo + letrozole (HR=0.51) in patients with a single disease site, who, together with bone-only patients, are considered patients with low disease burden*†2 
*Evaluated according to RECIST Version 1.1.3 Updated follow-up of the primary analysis of PALOMA-2: 37.6 months in the IBRANCE + letrozole arm.2

CI = confidence interval; HR = hazard ratio; LET = letrozole; mPFS = median progression-free survival; = number of patients; NE = not estimable; PFS = progression-free survival; PLA = placebo; RECIST = Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumors.

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