Clinical Evidence

Prevenar 13® offers proven, lasting protection against pneumococcal pneumonia1

  • In a large-scale efficacy trial, which included 84,496 subjects ≥65 years of age:
    Prevenar 13® reduced the first episode incidence of vaccine-type community-acquired pneumococcal pneumonia by 46% vs. placebo (p<0.001; 49/42,240 vs. 90/42,256)1
  • The clinical trial results indicated Prevenar 13® provided statistically significant reductions in hospital-confirmed cases of vaccine-type (VT) pneumococcal CAP and invasive pneumococcal disease (IPD) in adults aged ≥65 years1
  • Prevenar 13® demonstrated lasting protection: efficacy of Prevenar 13® vs. placebo persisted throughout the 4-year trial without evidence of waning (post-hoc analysis)1
  • Prevenar 13® will only protect against Streptococcus pneumoniae serotypes included in the vaccine. Prevenar 13® does not provide 100% protection against vaccine serotypes nor protect against nonvaccine serotypes.2

In Ireland when comparing Invasive Pneumococcal Disease in 2018 against 2008 there was; 3

  • 100% decline in PCV 7 serotypes in those aged <5 years old3
  • 80% decline in the additional 6 serotypes in PCV 13 in those ages <2 years due to the additional six serotypes covered by PCV13. 3



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