Help protect people from Tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) with TicoVac® and TicoVac Junior®1,2

TBE is a rare viral infection of the central nervous system, that affects the brain and spinal cord.3,4 Transmission to humans most commonly occurs through one bite of an infected tick.5

TBE is a serious infection that can appear in two stages.4,6

  • The first stage of flu-like symptoms occurs between 2 days and 4 weeks after being bitten by an infected tick.4,6
  • In some people second-stage symptoms occur due to the virus spreading to the central nervous system and causing meningitis or encephalitis.4,6

There is no specific treatment for TBE. Most patients with TBE will recover, but up to one third will suffer long-term complications of the disease.7

The following activities (below), whether they be for leisure or work purposes, could result in people being more likely to come into contact with ticks:6,7


The invisible risk

Ticks carrying the TBE virus are usually active from early spring to late autumn and are generally found close to the ground in forested or grassy areas, including parks and gardens, as well as meadows.6



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