ZAVICEFTA (ceftazidime and avibactam) Indications and Dosing

ZAVICEFTA: Authorised for treatment of cUTI, cIAI, HAP/VAP as well as patients with limited treatment options1 

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In Phase III clinical trials, the adverse-event profile of ZAVICEFTA was similar to that seen with either best available therapy, doripenem or meropenem.2–4

It is recommended that Zavicefta should be used to treat infections due to aerobic Gram-negative organisms in adult patients with limited treatment options only after consultation with a physician with appropriate experience in the management of infectious diseases.

Consideration should be given to official guidance on the appropriate use of antibacterial agents.

ZAVICEFTA: Consistent dosing in cUTI, cIAI, HAP/VAP indications1


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*To be used in combination with metronidazole when anaerobic pathogens are known or suspected to be contributing to the infectious process.

†To be used in combination with an antibacterial agent active against Gram-positive pathogens when these are known or suspected to becontributing to the infectious process.

‡The total duration shown may include intravenous ZAVICEFTA followed by appropriate oral therapy.

ǁThere is very limited experience with the use of ZAVICEFTA for more than 14 days.

References: 1. ZAVICEFTA. Summary of product characteristics, 2017.


No dosage adjustment is required in:

The elderly
Patients with mild renal impairment (estimated CrCl from 51 to ≤80 mL/min )
Patients with hepatic impairment


The following dose adjustments are recommended in patients with estimated
CrCl ≤50 mL/min:

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*CrCl estimated using the Cockcroft–Gault formula.

†Dose recommendations are based on PK modelling.

‡Following each haemodialysis, the recommended dose of ZAVICEFTA should be repeated and continued every 48 hours until next haemodialysis.



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