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Why Popit?Innovative

The Popit Sense device, together with the Popit app, could support the care and well-being of your patients in a whole new way.

SmartWith Popit, patients can keep an eye on how they have taken their medication. They will receive timely in-app messages to support them along their treatment journey. And if necessary, Popit also reminds the patient to take their medication.ConvenientThe Popit Sense device attaches to the medication blister sheet and there is a protective sleeve that allows for easy and safe transportation.How Popit WorksPopit Sense and the Popit app allow the user to keep track of their medication and receive supportive messages and reminders. Watch this short video to learn a bit more about Popit. Frequently Asked QuestionsHas Popit been tested?

Popit Sense is a sensor platform that has been CE marked as a radio equipment device. Popit app is classified as a Software Medical Device according to the EU Medical Device Regulation. The Popit Solution has been clinically tested and validated.

Who can see the data?

Popit respects the privacy of the user. Popit Sense and its related app does not collect identifiable data.

Does Bluetooth need to be turned on all the time? What is the effect of this on the battery?

If a tablet is removed and Bluetooth is turned off, the information about the removal may not be immediately reported to the app. This could result in the user receiving one unnecessary reminder. Modern versions of Bluetooth do not use a lot of energy, generally less than 1% of total battery consumption.

What to do if the battery runs out?

When the device battery charge drops below 20%, the app will suggest once per day to change the battery. The CR2032 coin cell battery can be easily replaced by the user.

Can Popit be used while travelling?

Yes. However, it is advisable to travel with both the Popit Sense device and the Popit Protective Sleeve. If a dose is taken while the smartphone is in aeroplane mode (Bluetooth off), the app will be updated as soon as Bluetooth is switched on again. In addition, the user will need to ensure that they set the medication reminder times to the time zone of the destination country.

Will the user receive messages in the app?

From time to time, the user will receive messages in the app. For example, messages to confirm to them that they are taking their medications, or to remind them of the importance of taking their medication as prescribed.

Adherence Facts & FiguresWhy is adherence important for my patients?*
  • In a study that looked at patient medication adherence to all chronic medications, patients with low and intermediate medication adherence had 2.5 times higher odds of readmission compared to those with high adherence.1
  • In an aging population, good medication adherence was associated with a 21% reduction in long-term mortality risk, compared with medication non-adherence.2
  • Individuals aged ≥50 years who are non‐adherent with their medication, have a 17% higher risk of having a hospitalisation due to any cause, compared to those considered adherent.2
  • Inadequate adherence has a negative impact on disease outcomes and healthcare costs in IBD.3

*The studies referenced in this section are from a general knowledge perspective and do not pertain to the use of Popit. The views, thoughts and opinions expressed in the text are those of the authors of the referenced papers and not those of Popit or Pfizer.

Reference:Rosen OZ, Fridman R, Rosen BT, Shane R, Pevnick JM (2017) ‘Medication adherence as a predictor of 30-day hospital readmissions’, Patient Preference and Adherence, 11, pp. 801-810.Walsh CA, Cahir C, Tecklenborg S, Byrne C, Culbertson MA, Bennett KE (2019) ‘The association between medication non‐adherence and adverse health outcomes in ageing populations: A systematic review and meta‐analysis’, Br J Clin Pharmacol, 85, pp. 2464-2478.Lasa J et al. (2020) ‘Treatment Adherence in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients from Argentina: A Multicenter Study’, Gastroenterology Research and Practice, DOI: 10.1155/2020/4060648.

Pfizer has no influence over the function or content of the Popit Solution, or the programme contained therein. Pfizer supports Popit financially, in the context of a collaboration to make the Popit Solution available to patients within the Republic of Ireland.

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