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Sidekick Digital Care App*About Sidekick

The Sidekick Digital Care App was specially designed for people with chronic diseases. Sidekick works primarily as a coach for your patients in the areas of nutrition, exercise and stress management and includes an inbuilt digital medication planner.

Intuitive and responsive to your patient and their condition, Sidekick could help to improve the wellbeing of those affected by chronic inflammatory diseases.

Why Sidekick Health?

The Sidekick Digital Care App was developed by scientists from various therapeutic areas and offers a holistic approach in supporting patients with a chronic inflammatory disease.

The Sidekick app and the programme offered within it, could help your patients to improve their everyday life living with their condition and increase their feeling of well-being, in addition to visits with their Healthcare Professional.

How to access Sidekick
  • Pfizer have partnered with Sidekick Health to provide access to this App for your patients.
  • Access to the Sidekick Digital Care App is via the QR code located in the patient medication starter pack.
  • All the patient has to do is scan the QR code and download the Sidekick App on their device
  • A simple introduction video will also be provided in the medication starter pack to introduce Sidekick and to get your patient started.
Sidekick Introductory Video available to patientsSidekick Patient Materials & Programme Details Use the below links to access information to give to your patient to help them get started with Sidekick.
PsA=psoriatic arthritis, RA=rheumatoid arthritis*Sidekick Health is a Nordic digital therapeutics innovator that provides science-based, digital services designed to support patients.
Note: Pfizer has no influence over the function or content of the Sidekick Digital Care Application, or the programmes contained therein. Pfizer supports Sidekick Health financially, in the context of a collaboration to make the programmes therein available to patients within the Republic of Ireland.
Support & Resources

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